We are delighted to announce that the SCALING partners will be hosting 6 open panels at the EASST/4S conference, Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and Agency of STS in Emerging Worlds in Prague on the 18 – 21st August 2020.

SCALINGS partners will organise the following open panels:

Panel 13. Be(com)ing industrial:  objects, scales, and power dynamics at play
– Benjamin Raimbault (TUM); Mathieu Baudrin (Ecole Des Mines De Paris)

Panel 18. Can it Scale?: The scalability zeitgeist, entrepreneurial thinking, and the role of STS
– Makoto Takahashi (TUM); Sebastian Michael Pfotenhauer (TUM); Brice Laurent (Ecole Des Mines De Paris); Gianluigi Viscusi (EPFL); Cian O’Donovan (UCL)

Panel 61. Exploring Empowerment in The Co-creation of Innovation, and Panel
– Shelly Tsui (TU/e); Cian O’Donovan (UCL); Makoto Takahashi (DTU); Sophie Nyborg (DTU); Erik Laes (TU/e); Mandi Astola (TU/e)

Panel 68. From Citizen to Citizen-Subject? Exploring (Re)-Configurations of ‘The Public’ in Innovation
– Shelly Tsui (TU/e); Benjamin Lipp (TUM); Anja Kathrin Ruess (TUM); Meiken Hansen (DTU); Bozena Ryszawska (WUEB)

Panel 96. Living In The Laboratory: Experimental Zones And The Labification Of Everything
– Arzu Sedef (BOKU); Thomas Buocz (BOKU); Brice Laurent (Ecole Des Mines De Paris); Mathieu Baudrin (Ecole Des Mines De Paris); Michael Pfotenhauer (TUM)

Panel 157. Situating Co-creation: Innovation between Local Specificity and Scalable Standardization
– Anja Kathrin Ruess (TUM); Federica Pepponi (TUM); Kyriaki Papageorgiou, (ESADE); Ruth Müller (TUM)

Please visit here to read abstracts of open panels.