Recently, the SCALINGS project took part in a School Climate Conference. The event was organized jointly by the University of Economics (Green Team), Youth Climate Strike and  The Youth City Council of Wrocław on Friday, March 6, 2020.

Taking the form of lectures and debates, the experts familiarised the youth of Wrocław (and its teachers) with the extremely important issue of climate change which allowed the public debate on the individual participation in solving global issues.

The Agenda:

  • Marcin Popkiewicz “Climatic facts and myths” 
  • Dr. hab. Bożena Ryszawska “Green transformation of the economy – economic aspects of the struggle for the natural environment”
  •  Paweł Dejnak from the Viva foundation! and Bartosz Witański from Anonymous for the Voiceless “What about a fork, climate, or save the Earth with a diet” 
  • Debate on “Individual changes and system changes” with the participation of our speakers, Aneta Osuch and Arkadiusz Wierzba from the Eco-Development Foundation.

Nearly 300 people took part in the conference consisting of students from the upper secondary schools and teachers.