Wroclaw, 31st January – 1st February 2019

At the University of Economics in Wrocalw (PL) almost 30 scientists from all universities participating in the SCALINGS project gathered to discuss the next steps within the project.

Participants had the opportunity to visit the Housing Cooperative South photovoltaic power plant, which case study is a researched at Wroclaw University of Economics. The meeting offered researchers to compare case study findings, engage in discussions in thematic groups on Robotics and Urban Energy and to exchange experiences and ideas. The project brought together scientists from various disciplines, which is why the discussions and topics were diversified. The following topics were particularly interesting for the consortium:

  • Technical innovation vs. social innovation;
  • What is co-creation?
  • Openess/ Inclusiveness;
  • Difference: Co-creation Facility vs. Living Labs;
  • Ownership of collected / produced data;
  • Testing societies/Difference: Testing vs. Training;
  • Bottom-up vs. business-driven co-creation;
  • Can economic participation (financing) be part of co-creation?
  • Regional identities: How they link up to national/international identities;
  • Designing society and future (Robotics);
  • What is the fundamental political rationale behind innovation?
  • Social justice/Empowerment

The above are only a part of the wide range of scientific interests of the consortium members.The meeting was successful and plans were made for further project activities and joint international work that focus on the dissemination of research results.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit the historic Wroclaw Old Town Square and get acquainted with traditional Polish cuisine. During the meeting vegetarian food was served to promote climate awareness and maintain a low carbon footprint.