Exploring HRI (Human Robotic Interaction) in Service, Healthcare or Educational Contexts

Text from https://ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/blog/soziologie/entry/call_for_papers_for_conference

On 2 and 3 April 2020 the conference „Social Robots in Institutional Interaction. Exploring HRI (Human Robotic Interaction) in Service, Healthcare or Educational Contexts” will take place at Bielefeld University. The conference organized by Indra Bock and Florian Muhle serves as the concluding conference of the research project “Communication at the Borders of the Social World” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The organizers are looking forward to theoretical, methodological or empirical proposals that focus on questions such as:

  • What are adequate methods for investigating institutional HRI?
  • What are forms and characteristics of institutional HRI?
  • How are human-robot encounters framed and shaped by institutional settings?
  • How can institutional HRI in different settings be compared?
  • How useful are comparisons with HHI and HCI in the analysis of institutional HRI?
  • How do social robots and agents get prepared for institutional interaction?
  • What kind of assumptions about institutional interaction are implemented into robotic systems?
  • How do working environments change due to the integration of robotic systems?

The submission deadline for abstracts is 10 january 2020. Authors are requested to submit abstracts of up to one page in length. Please send Your abstracts to indra.bock@uni-bielefeld.de. Find further information here.