Understanding Co-creation

The first ever comparative study of co-creation and scalability.

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A consortium of 10 leading institutions from 9 countries.

Inspired Policies

To inspire policies, shape practices and empower citizens.

What is co-creative innovation in theory and what is it in practice? How can co-creation be scaled up in a socially robust manner? And, what can policy-makers do to promote responsible innovation across Europe? In SCALINGS, we are determined to address these questions! SCALINGS is an interdisciplinary research project funded by EU Horizon 2020. Over the course of three years (2018-2021), we aim to better understand how co-creation varies across different contexts and explore what is needed for successful scaling. We question one-size-fits-all solutions to societal challenges, and instead foster innovation practices that value the social, cultural, and regulatory context in which they are embedded.


Testing future societies?

Our SCALINGS partner, Sebastian Pfotenhauer from TUM, shared his SCALINGS research at an Urban Experimentation Webinar Series…
(~2 min)

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